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Zane Grey, the greatest storyteller of the American West, was born in Zanesville, Ohio, on January 31, 1872. During his career as a writer, Zane Grey produced a total of 89 books. These included 56 novels set in the West, one set in the East, three Ohio River-country novels, two novelettes, three collections of short stories, two hunting books, six juvenile books, two books of baseball stories, and eight fishing books. From 1915 to 1924 a Grey book was in the top ten on the best seller list every year except 1916. His novels and short stories have sold over 200 million copies and have been adapted into 112 films, two television episodes, and a television series.  Today more than 80 years after his death at age 67, his books still fly off the shelves and two of his many sport fishing world records have never been beaten.

Zane Grey